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Kerry on Taxes (sort of)

Kerry's For the Rich Paying More Taxes, Just Not Him!

Just like in the SUV incident, it is bad for the American public to do or have something, just not Mrs. Kerry.

According to Mrs. Heinz Kerry's tax release, she paid $587,000 to the IRS on a 2003 gross income of $5+ Million. Her camp claims that in October she will be filing another payment that will raise her total to $750,000. But even after that payment, Mrs. Heinz Kerry will only be paying 14.6% of her gross income.

Mr. Kerry paid $90.575 of his 2003 gross income of $395,338, which is 23%.

Together the Kerry's paid a meager 15.3% of their total gross income of $5,510,000.

Just for shits and giggles, lets look at what the Bush's paid. The Bush's paid $227,000 in federal taxes on a gross 2003 income of $822,126, that's 28%.

Now, I'm all for giving the IRS the least amount of money you can, but I'm also not the one that thinks we pay too little in taxes, Kerry does. A word comes to starts with an 'H'...I can't quite think of it...can anyone help me out here?
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