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A Boy Scout's Pledge

One of the most noble, virtuous and charitable organizations I have ever come to know is the Boy Scouts Organization of America. So dignified, indeed, that they removed Bill Clinton as honorary president after the ’98 Lewinsky scandal. The Boy Scouts, for those of you who don’t know, are a huge youth program of patriotic boys who seek to honor America, their environment, themselves, and others. The main purpose of the organization is to educate the youth about responsibility, morals, fitness and good character. Their oath is this:

On my honor
I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

But recently, I’ve noticed an onslaught of absolutely vicious attacks against the Boy Scouts from – you guessed it – fanatic liberals and gay rights activists. The reason? The organization refuses to allow homosexuals and atheists to participate as leaders or members.

Despite many protests, petitions, and an all around hoopla – as can always be expected from the melodramatic left – the Boy Scouts have lived true to their motto; be prepared. The organization has stood strong on it’s wish to retain traditional American morals, and on February 12, 2002 passed a resolution definitely banning gays, atheists and other unfit role models as leaders.

Scott Cozza, founder of the comically pointless association ‘Scouting For All,” says that he hopes “public schools [will] not allow the BSA to recruit in our schools until they include all of our children in a democratic fashion.” The Boy Scouts are a resplendent example for young children around the nation of honorable character and behavior. They adhere to Christian values, which – somehow – classifies them as a ‘religious’ organization (a San Diego judge used this to obstruct the BSA’s ability to lease government land). In Madison, Wisconsin, Boy Scout groups offered to assist in preparations for the city’s Fourth of July celebrations, in request for a slight donation. The city council felt justified in intervening with the BSA funding (!?!), even though the ceremony is not a city-run event. Even after being refused even a measly donation, the Boy Scouts preserved their gallant character and volunteered to help even without any financial support.

And America’s response should be, as Cozza says, to “oppose bigotry and discrimination” within the 6.2 million-large group.

And here’s a question I’ve been wondering all this time – why in the world would any fairly sane gay or atheist want to join this organization in the first place? I’m barred from joining the Black Pride Youth Program, but is this considered bigotry? Discrimination? A club is defined as a gathering of people who share common interests. Homosexuality and atheism is not one of the Boy Scouts’s common interests. No one is forcing anyone to do anything – the association just has this rule; no heathens or gays. BSA recently won an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court affirming it’s right to block any person they choose who seems morally unfit to the position of a role model for kids. As a privately owned institution, they have every right to exclude any member they want, any time they want. After an ‘anti-bigotry’ demonstration in Dallas, the BSA responded with this statement; “As part of the Boy Scouts of America, we respect the right of everyone to hold and express his or her opinion. We simply ask people who disagree with the position of the BSA to do the same and respect our rights as a private, voluntary organization."

Howard Mezner, former BSA member, recently resigned from the position as a leader to protest the organization’s current standings against gays. "It can be two men. It can be two women.” whines Mezner, “Society is changing. Times are changing. Boy Scouts need to keep up with times." He continued to mention an incident in which he was staying overnight at a camp and was offered bacon and eggs for breakfast, which he claims was discriminatory since he is Jewish and does not eat pork. Although Mr. Mezner never bothered to mention this before the actual event, he still claims it is prejudice against non-Christian participants.

Now ask yourself – is it logical that our young boys be exposed to homosexuals at the age of six years old? Should mothers and fathers have to worry about their kids being molested or raped during a camping trip? Are these good heroes for our children? Somehow, liberals have managed to take something entirely pure and innocent and have used it as a tool to force their political agenda on America’s impressionable children.

Now, as you know, I don’t count for much. I’m just a young schoolgirl in Massachusetts, who happens to have an online diary that some people stumble upon and read. But I’d like to take the time to sincerely acknowledge my gratitude towards this organization for refusing to crumble when the pressure was piled on. Thank you, Boy Scouts of America, for refusing to entirely change your oath to fit the minority’s pleas. Thank you for providing a safe haven for needy boys all around the US, one that is rarely found within our society anymore. Thank you, again, for standing strong in your beliefs and abstaining from permitting inappropriate people as our children’s leaders. Think of this as merely a test of endurance. You have shown the world a magnificent example of your Scout laws – trust, loyalty, courteousness, bravery and reverence. You will see, in the ages to come, that the future of America thanks you.

Sorry for the insanely long post, but I'm really ticked off at the way people treat the Boy Scouts of America.
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