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The Rants and Raves of Joes and Janes

Bitching Allowed

The Rants and Pants of the Political World
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This forum is a place to vent any and all political grievances. Or you could post something positive. Whatever. In any event, don't pull any punches or worry about offending people- just be prepared to back yourself up.

Only a few rules:
1) Don't violate Live Journal's Terms of Service.
2) Comments must be enabled for all posts.
3) No spam posts.
4) Keep the main page safe for work- anything which will get a person fired if their boss walks by should be behind an LJ cut.

Your mods are fran8885 on the right and desidiosus on the left.
fran8885 is also the creator of this community, so what she says goes!

Have fun, and remember: A day without pissing off over-sensitive types is like a day without sunshine!