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Oy. There is no other term to describe him. Spoiler. That's all there is to it. Debate all day about whether or not Nader is/was/will-be a spoiler for Democrats. He's a spoiler for Greens too.

Nader picked his his running mate today. Peter Camejo. Essentially, he is trying to either A) Get the Green Party's endorsement without really earning it, or B) he is going to split the Green/progressive vote.

A) David Cobb is the front runner for the nomination. He's been getting votes by being on ballots. More power to him. Peter Camejo is in second place, and an endorsement of Nader is third. When you combine Nader's delegates, Camejo's, and other miscellaneous candidates who endorse Nader, you get a bit of a problem. The endorsement could end up going to a guy who isn't running on the ticket, publicly stated he didn't want to be on the ticket, and didn't win the primary votes. Way to circumvent the process, Ralph.

B) Let's assume for a minute that Cobb gets the nomination he's earned. He will effectively be running against Nader. Either that, or Cobb might possibly step down to avoid fracturing the Green/progressive vote (I simply cannot see Nader ever doing that). In any case, harm will be done to the Green Party, and the odds of anyone besides Bush or Kerry getting above 5% of the vote will be lessened. Hell, even if Nader did get 5% or more of the vote, it wouldn't help, as he isn't affiliated with any parties. I doubt he will, but it no matter what percentage he gets, he will certainly make things harder for the Green Party to gain federally matching funds, access to debates, etc.

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